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Sharing Resources

MapStore provides the possibility to share resources (maps, dashboards and geostories) through two different ways:

  • Directly from the MapStore Homepage by clicking on the Share button present in the toolbar of each resource card

  • Inside the resource by selecting the option from Burger Menu

From the Share panel the user is allowed to share a resource in different ways:

  • With a direct link

  • Through a social network

  • With embedded code or APIs (only available for maps)

As soon as the Share panel opens, the Link section is the one visible by default:

Here, the user can copy the resource URL link or share it through the QR code.


The Social section allows the user to share the resource on the most common social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn simply by clicking on the social icon.


The Embed section provides to the user the needed snippets, embedded code or the MS APIs (only available for maps) to embed MapStore in a third party web page.

In addition, MapStore provides two options to customize a bit the embedded code:

  • For maps, the user can choose to show the TOC in the embedded map by enabling the Shown TOC option

  • For dashboards, the user can show the connections between widgets on the embedded dashboard by enabling the Show connections

Advanced options

Some Advanced options are available for maps and geostories inside the Share tool.


Some Advanced options are available only opening Share tool from the Burger Menu and not from the MapStore home page.

Advanced options for sharing maps

In case of maps, enabling the Advanced options in the Share tool the user can include the following to the share URL:

  • The bounding box parameter to share the current viewport of the map visualized by the user

  • The desired center and zoom of the map by enabling the Add center and zoom

The related available options allow the user to:

  • Center the shared map to specific coordinates by typing them in two different formats (Decimal or Aeronautical that can be chosen through the button) or by clicking on the map to set automatically the coordinate fields.

  • Share the map at a specific Zoom level (Min:1 and Max:35)

  • Add marker on loaded map to show the center point in the shared map

Advanced options for sharing GeoStories

In case of GeoStories, enabling the Advanced options in the Share tool the user can include the following to the share URL:

  • The Home button to allow the possibility to bring the user to the MapStore Home Page if needed: that button will be automatically included in view mode inside the story toolbar just beside the navigation bar.

  • The scroll position allows to share the URL of the current section of the story visualized by the user