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Quick Setup and Run

Clone the repository:

git clone

If needed, install NodeJS version >= 8 from here, then update npm to version >= 5, using:

npm install -g npm

Start the demo locally:

npm cache clean  # this is useful to prevent errors on Windows during install

npm install

npm start

Then point your preferred browser to http://localhost:8081.

note: This running demo uses as back-end.

Other useful commands

# Run tests
npm test

# run test with hot reload
npm run continuoustest

#generate test documentation
npm run doctest

Quick Build and Deploy

Install latest Maven, if needed, from here (version 3.1.0 is required).

Build the deployable war:

./ [version_identifier]

Where version_identifier is an optional identifier of the generated war that will be shown in the settings panel of the application.

Deploy the generated mapstore.war file (in product/target) to your favourite J2EE container (e.g. Tomcat).

Here you can find how to setup the database.