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How to release

Below you can find the release procedure as a checklist. On each release it can be updated (if needed), copied and pasted into a GitHub issue, of course changing the release name. Then you can check each entry on the GitHub issue when done until the release is end.

Changelog generation

Add an entry in the changelog like this:

## [2018.02.00]( (2018-09-11)

 - **[Full Changelog](**

 - **[Implemented enhancements](**

 - **[Fixed bugs](**

 - **[Closed issues](**


  • replacing 2022.01.00 with branch name
  • with current release tag name v2018.02.00
  • %22v2022.01.00%22 with the name of the milestone (%22 are " in the URL to generate a filter like milestone:"v2022.01.00")

Release Checklist

naming conventions

release and tag - name of the release and tag. (e.g. v2022.01.01) - YYYY is the year, - XX is the incremental number of the release for the current year (starting from 01) - mm is an incremental value (starting from 00) to increment for minor releases

stable branch - YYYY.XX.xx name of stable branch (e.g. 2022.01.xx ) - YYYY is the year - XX is the incremental number of the release for the current year (starting from 01) - xx is the fixed text xx

Release procedure

- [ ] Create an issue with this checklist in the release milestone.
- [ ] Verify if it is needed to release a new version of http_proxy, mapfish print or geostore, and do it if necessary. Instruction for GeoStore [here]( and MapFish Print [here](
  - [ ] for geostore, check if [here]( is present the version specified in the [release calendar 2022](
  - [ ] for http_proxy, check if [here]( is present the version specified in the [release calendar 2022](
- [ ] If major release (YYYY.XX.00), create a branch `YYYY.XX.xx`  (`xx` is really `xx`, example: 2018.01.xx)
- [ ] If major release, update the default stable branch used in createProject.js script , in particular the utility/projects/projectLib.js file
- [ ] If major release, Change [QA Jenkins job]( to build the new branch, enable the job continuous deploy by updating the `branch` parameter in the build configuration page to `YYYY.XX.xx`
- [ ] Check version in `package.json`. (as for semantic versioning the major have to be 0 until the npm package has not a stable API).
    - [ ] Take note of current version of mapstore in `package.json` in master branch, it should be in the form 0.x.0
    - [ ] If major release, make pr and merge on master **0.<x-incremented>.0**
    - [ ] if minor release, make pr and merge on stable YYYY.XX.xx **0.x.<number-of-minor-version>**
- [ ] Create a milestone on GitHub with the same name of the release (vYYYY.XX.xx)
    - [ ] assign the label "current-release" to all the issues and Prs of the current zenhub release
    - [ ] use the label to filter the issues on github and assign to all the issues and Prs the milestone created
    - [ ] remove assignments of "current-release" 
- [ ] Prepare PR for updating `` for **master** and **stable** [Instructions](
- [ ] Fix `pom.xml` dependencies stable versions ( no `-SNAPSHOT` usage release).
- [ ] Update the version of java modules on the stable branch to a stable, incremental version.
    - [ ] Run `mvn release:update-versions -DdevelopmentVersion=<VERSION> -Pprinting,printingbundle,release`
    to update package version, where <VERSION> is the version of the java packages (e.g. `1.3.1`).
    - [ ] Manually update project pom templates to use `mapstore-services` of `<VERSION>`
- [ ] Release a stable `mapstore-services`. (from `2022.01.xx` also mapstore-webapp (java/web) should be deployed for new project system). 
  - [ ] Use `mvn clean install deploy -f java/pom.xml` to deploy `mapstore-services` and `mapstore-webapp`.
- [ ] create on [ReadTheDocs]( project the version build for `YYYY.XX.xx` (click on "Versions" and activate the version of the branch)
- [ ] Test on QA [](
    * Any fix must be done on **YYYY.XX.xx**. The fixes will be manually merged on master
    * Test **everything**, not only the new features
    * Test the creation of a standard project starting in from the stable branch and with the internal backend, so `npm run backend` and `npm start`, then check that an empty homepage loads correctly
- [ ] Test [Binary]( (take the mapstore2-<RELEASE_BRANCH>, from latest build)
- [ ] Lunch the [stable deploy]( to install the latest stable version on official demo, remember to change version to **** 
- [ ] Manually edit the `localConfig.json` on to fit the authkey for production (change from `authkey-qa` to `authkey-prod`)
  - [ ] `ssh`
  - [ ] `sudo su`
  - [ ] `vim /var/lib/tomcats8/mapstore2_release/webapps/mapstore/configs/localConfig.json`
  - [ ] to test the change has been applied, login on and verify that the layers from `gs-stable` are visible without errors (typically authentication errors that was caused by the wrong auth-key). 
- [ ] Commit the changelog to the stable branch **YYYY.XX.xx**
- [ ] Create a [github draft release](
  - [ ] `branch` **YYYY.XX.xx** 
  - [ ] `tag` **** (create a new tag from UI after entering this value)
  - [ ] `release` name equal to tag ****  
  - [ ] `description` describe the major changes and add links of the Changelog paragraph.
- [ ] Launch [MapStore2-Releaser]( Jenkins job with **** for the version and **YYYY.XX.xx** for the branch to build and  **wait the end**). **Note:** Using the MapStore2 Releaser allows to write the correct version number into the binary packages.
    - [ ] Get the [latest mapstore.war]( from the Releaser Jenkins build 
    - [ ] Get the [latest]( from the Releaser Jenkins build
    > from the job [configuration page]( there is a link to access the job workspace to easily download the built WAR and binary package
    - [ ] Download `` [here]( from the Releaser Jenkins build workspace
    - [ ] Check that the printing plugin is missing in the binary package to release
    - [ ] Remove manually from `localConfig.json` the entry for authentication to gs-stable from binary and war packages.
    - [ ] Upload the updated binary, the war package and `` on github release
    - [ ] Publish the release
- [ ] create on [ReadTheDocs]( project the version build for `` (click on "Versions" and activate the version of the tag, created when release was published)
- [ ] Prepare a PR towards master branch **YYYY.XX.xx** in order to reset versions of java modules to `-SNAPSHOT`
    - `mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=<SNAPSHOT_VERSION> -DprocessAllModules -DgenerateBackupPoms=false`
    where `<SNAPSHOT_VERSION>` is the version to set. (e.g. 1.2-SNAPSHOT).
    make sure that only mapstore-services has changed

- [ ] [Create a draft release]( for with the same name and tag
  - [ ] target of the release is **master** branch
  - [ ] tag is ****
  - [ ] Update revision of mapstore to the release tag ****
  - [ ] [run the build]( locally and attach to the release the file `` from the `/dist` folder
  - [ ] create a PR for the changes of the revision to the MapstoreExtension repo
  - [ ] Merge the PR
  - [ ] Publish the release
- [ ] Create a blog post
- [ ] Write to the mailing list about the current release news and the next release major changes
- [ ] Optional - prepare a PR for updating release procedure
- [ ] Close this issue
- [ ] Close the related milestone ****