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Map Catalog

The Map Catalog is an extension that can be included in the step #3 of the application context wizard to allow the end user to browse the existing MapStore maps directly inside the viewer itself. The button, present in Burger Menu , provides to the user the list of the MapStore maps that are also available in Homepage.

The Map Catalog panel allows the user to select a map and loaded it in the same browser page, as follows:


Selecting a map card in the Map Catalog list, the map currently in use will be replaced. In addition, if the selected map has been created in a context, also the viewer will be replaced with the one of the related map context.

For each map in the Map Catalog list the following buttons are displayed:

  • The Delete button allows the user to remove the map

  • The Edit Properties button allows the user to Edit Properties of the map

  • The Share button allows the user to Share the map