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In this section you can have a glance of the minimum and recommended versions of the tools needed to build/debug/install MapStore

War Installation

You can download a java web container like Apache Tomcat from and Java JRE

Tool Link Minimum Recommended Maximum
Java link 8 9 11¹
Tomcat link 8.5 9

Debug / Build

These tools needs to be installed (other than Java in versions above above):

Tool Link Minimum Recommended Maximum
npm link 5 6 6.14.13²
NodeJS link 10 12 14.17.0²
Java (JDK) link 8 9 11¹
Maven link 3.1.0 3.6
python³ link 2.7.9 3.7


Here some notes about some requirements and reasons for max version indicated, for future improvements and maintenance :

  • ¹ About Java and Tomcat
    • For execution tested on Java v11.
    • Build with success with v11, only smoke tests passing on v13, errors with v16.(Details on issue #6935)
    • Running with Tomcat 10 causes this issue #7524.
  • ² About NodeJS and NPM:
    • NPM 7 not supported yet.
    • NPM 6.14.15 causes this issue on MapStore project system. No other know issues.
    • If you are using Node >= 12 you can remove the -max_old_space_size=2048 config for the compile script
  • ³ Python is only needed for building documentation.

Running in Production

System requirements

Resource Minimum Recommended
Processor 2 Core 2 Core
Memory 2 GB 4 GB


In production a PostgreSQL database is recommended:

Tool Link Minimum Recommended Maximum
Postgres link 9.6 13 13