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Custom Dependencies

Mapstore has some custom dependencies in order to fix bugs not integrated in the official libraries yet. All these customized libraries are available on npm registry.

Here is a list of customizations:

library version issue reason github
wkt-parser 1.2.1 #2175 Fixes axis order recognition. For this reason we customized it with "@geosolutions@wkt-parser 1.2.2"
proj4 2.4.5-alpha #2175 Fixes axis order recognition. For this reason we customized it with "@geosolutions@proj4 2.4.6" and its wkt-parser dependency with "@geosolutions@wkt-parser 1.2.2". Note that shpjs will use this customized version of proj4 and wkt-parser
react-joyride 1.10.1 is a re-publish on npm of a fix made here , we therefore are using "@geosolutions@react-joyride 1.10.2"
mocha 6.2.0-uncaught #3693 Customized in order to make some test run. More in detail, we removed uncaught exceptions handler because it was making some test failing (waiting for a better solution). Published "@geosolutions/mocha 6.2.1-3". mocha is being moved from node_modules/@geosolutions/mocha to node_modules/mocha in order to make the test be runnable
jsdoc 3.4.3 #1978 ES6 syntax not parsed by Docma, so we published "@geosolutions/jsdoc 3.4.4" with other related dependencies also on our npm, like acorn-jsx, espree and tv4
acorn-jsx 4.0.1 #1978 Added support for instance properties (e.g. state), we published "@geosolutions/acorn-jsx 4.0.2"


Only proj4 and react-joyride are using aliases in order to maintain original webpack requires like:

  • const proj4 = require("proj4");
  • const joyride = require('react-joyride').default;

see this for current status of aliases

More info

Here you can find more information about customization