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MapStore Projects

MapStore projects can be created using the Project Creation Script.

A MapStore project is a custom WebGis application that uses MapStore as a framework.

The MapStore framework is linked as a git submodule in the MapStore2 project subfolder.


Since MapStore is linked as a submodule, every project custom file should be created outside of it. This allows updating MapStore to a newer version easily, without conflicts. The general rule is: never add / update / modify files directly in the MapStore2 subfolder.

Standard Projects

A Standard MapStore project is a project that is, initially, a perfect copy of the standard MapStore product.

To create custom application using the standard projects template, you will start from js/app.jsx that is the project entry point.

Editing app.jsx you can start using your own configuration files and add custom behaviours and look and feel to your project, in particular:

  • You can add your own translation files. Setting an array of paths in the translationsPath, the resources will be loaded in cascade from every directory of the array. So you can keep all the original translations from MapStore (first element of the array) and add your own files in the directory translations, overriding original values of the json or adding new ones (for instance, for your custom plugins). The files in the new directory must follow the same naming convention of the files in the oridinal directory.
ConfigUtils.setConfigProp("translationsPath", ["./MapStore2/web/client/translations", "./translations"]);
  • Use your own configuration file for plugins and other configurations. You can copy the original localConfig.json in the root of the project and configure the application to load it (instead of the default one, located in MapStore2/web/client/localConfig.json).

or you can apply some patch files defining an array of configurations, where the first is the main json file, and the rest are the patch files which must end with "patch.json" in the filename

ConfigUtils.setLocalConfigurationFile(["localConfig.json", "production.patch.json"]);

the patch will be applied using this package

  • Configure your own pages:
import productAppConfig from "@mapstore/product/appConfig";
import MapViewer from "@mapstore/product/pages/MapViewer";

const appConfig = {
    pages: [{
        name: "mapviewer",
        path: "/",
        component: MapViewer
  • Include the plugins you want in the app (either MapStore plugins or your own):
import plugins from "./plugins";

Organizing your code

Our convention is to use the js folder to store your project code. You should recreate inside it the usual folders to organize your code based on the source code type:

  • components
  • actions
  • reducers
  • epics
  • plugins

Images and other static assets should be located in the assets folder instead.