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Plugins Architecture

The architecture of MapStore based on the concept of plugins. Every tool of MapStore is a plugin, that are the main building blocks of the application.

A plugin in MapStore an entity that can be:

  • rendered in the application (via a React components)
  • connected to a Redux store, so that some properties are automatically wired to the standard MapStore state
  • wired to standard actions for common events to trigger

In addition a plugin:

  • declares some reducers that adds some parts to the global state, if needed
  • declares some epics that need to be added to the redux-observable middleare, if needed
  • inject in other plugin react components to be rendered (for communication, extensions, etc.)
  • is fully configurable to be easily customized to a certain level

The plugins are managed by PluginContainer (typically a Page, but not necessarily) that is a React component that renders the plugins in the application and handle proper dependencies.

Plugins are used in different contexts:

  • Standard plugins Plugins that are used in the standard MapStore application and that are part of the framework.
  • Custom plugins Plugins developed in a custom MapStore project ( see Setup a MapStore Project)
  • Extensions: Plugins that can be build and installed in an existing instance of MapStore (see Extensions)

For more information about how to create a plugin, see Create your plugins