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Configure the map

With the Edit map configuration button the Map Inline Editor opens to give the opportunity to do quick customizations (like basic map settings, layer opacity and something more) to the map (more advanced customizations then, are allowed only through the Advanced Map Editor).


The Map Inline Editor opens with the Layers section available, where it is possible to edit the layers settings (by selecting a layer in the TOC) and the visibility of layers present in the map:

  • Control the layer transparency by scrolling left and right the transparency bar .

  • Toggle the layer visibility by switching off and on the "eye" icon.


The Setting section allows the user to:

  • Enable/disable the Zoom in/out on the map

  • Change the position of the Zoom in/out by choosing one of the options available in the dropdown menu

  • Enable/disable the Pan interaction on the map

  • Enable/disable the Identify on the map. As reported in the Identify tool section, also for map sections in a story it is possible to enable the Identify tool in one of the format supported by MapStore (TEXT, HTML or PROPERTIES)


The Identify request is performed as usual when the user clicks on a layer in the map, as follows:

Advanced map editor

Inside the Map Inline Editor Toolbar the Advanced map editor button is also available to allow advanced customization to the map: clicking on that button, a MapStore viewer opens for this purpose.

The available tools to modify the map are the following:

  • Adding the Layers by using the button in the Option menu as it is explained in the Catalog Services.

  • Adding Annotations by clicking on the button in the Option menu as it is explained in the Adding Annotations.

  • Import a map or a vectorial file by clicking on the button in the Option menu as it is explained in the Import files.

  • Change Background as it is explained in the Background Selector

  • Edit Layers by clicking on the Layers button as it is explained in the Table of Contents

Once the advanced map editing is complete, it is possible click on Apply to see the final result in the story.