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Video Content Toolbar

As soon as a video content is added, the Video Content Toolbar appears on top of the video:

Through this toolbar, the story editor is able to perform the following operation:

  • Change media source to open the Media Editor and change (or configure) the media content

  • Mute video to disable the video audio

  • Enable Autoplay to play the video automatically once the user is on it

  • Enable Loop to continuously repeat the video

  • Hide caption button to show/hide the description under the video: this button is present only if a description has been provided for the video resource (see the Media Editor tool for example)

  • Remove the video content


Inside the Media Editor you can watch a preview of the video before adding it to the story. The video play will be available only in View Mode of the story: it is not available in edit mode except in the media editor as a preview.