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Immersive Section

The immersive section is composed of two elements: the background and the immersive content. As soon as you add an immersive section to your story, an empty background with an empty text content will be displayed.


Inside an Immersive Section the story editor can customize the content area through the Immersive Content Toolbar:

In particular, it possible to:

  • The Change size button allows to change the size of the text window in Small, Medium, Large or Full.

  • The Align content button allows to align the text window, inside the Container, on the Left, Center or Right.

  • The Change field theme button allows to change the text window theme in Default (same default theme settings of the story, see Story Settings), Bright, Dark or Custom (allows to customize background and text colors and enable or disable the shadow)

Below is an example of a small Immersive Content, aligned to the Right and with a Dark field theme:

As soon as you add a text content, it appears available just below the current one. With a simple click inside it, the user can write the text and customize the text formatting through the Text Editor Toolbar. An example of a text content can be the following:

The immersive content can include text, media contents or web pages. A new content can be added inside the immersive content column through the button, or it can be removed through the button.

Adding a media content, the Media Editor appears to allow the story editor to add an Image, a Map or a Video. It is also possible to add a Web Page content as it is explained in the Web Page Section. An example of immersive content with a text and an image can be the following:


For Immersive sections, it is possible to customize the background through the background editing toolbar:

The background editing toolbar, when no media are applied, allows to:

  • Add a media as a background of the section, with the Change media source button that opens the Media Editor

Once a media (image, video or map) is added to the background, an editing toolbar appears in the upper left corner of the section allowing the user to manage the background content.

The Background editing toolbar changes depending on the type of media added to the background, as it is explained in the Background section.


Only for Immersive Section, when the user try to add another section of the same type just below the current one, the added section is actually another immersive content, that fits inside the same immersive section.