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Managing Groups

The Groups Manager section displays like the following:

Similar to what happens for the Users Manager, in this page the Admin can:

  • Perform a search among the existing groups

  • Create a new group with the New Group button

  • Edit or remove an existing one, through the Edit group and Delete group buttons on each group card:

Both the New Group and the Edit group buttons, open the Group editor window that is composed of two sections:

  • Group ID

  • Members manager

  • >Attributes

Group ID

As soon as the New Group window opens, the Group ID section is displayed:

In this section the Admin is allowed to:

  • Set the Group Name

  • Set the group Description


The Group Name is the only mandatory field.

Members manager

Through the Members manager section it is possible to choose which users are part of the group:


On the Attributes tab the admin can associate some attributes to user groups. By default MapStore allows to enter a "notes" attribute for each group. The attributes list can be configured by editing the plugin configuration in localConfig.json.