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Managing Users

Switching to Users Manager, the page displayed is the following:

In this page the Admin can:

  • Perform a search among the existing users

  • Create a new user with the New User button

  • Edit or remove an existing one, through the Edit user and Delete user buttons on each user card:

Both the New User and the Edit user buttons, open the User editor window that is composed of three sections:

  • User ID

  • Other information

  • Group membership

User ID

As soon as the New User window opens, the User ID section is displayed:

In this section the Admin is allowed to:

  • Set the Username

  • Set the Password

  • Select the User role (Normal user or Admin)

  • Choose if an user is Enabled or not. Enabled users will have a green status icon under their profile, otherwise disabled users will have a red status and will not be able to log in.


Username and Password are the only mandatory fields. The password must contain at least 6 characters.

Other information

Switching to Other information section, it display the following:

Here the Admin can set:

  • Email

  • Company

  • Notes

Group membership

Through the last section of the window it is possible to manage the groups in which the user belongs to:


The everyone group, set by default, it is impossible to remove since it must be attributed to all users.