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Text Editor Toolbar

With the Text Editor Toolbar it is possible to customize the text by modifying the following aspects:

  • Font to choose the text font (Inherit, Arial, Georgia, Impact, Tahoma, Time New Roman, Verdana)

  • Block Type by choosing between the available ones (Normal, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Blockquote, Code)

  • Text style to insert text in Bold , Italic , Underline or Strikethrough

  • Monospace to insert the same space between words

  • Alignment inside the text window (Left, Center, Right or Justify)

  • Color Picker to change the text color

  • Bullet list to create a Unordered list or Ordered list

  • Indent/Outdent to indent the text in relation to the left margin or to the right margin

  • Link to configure a hyperlink for the selected portion of text. The GeoStory editor can define hyperlinks to external web pages by choosing the External link option in the Link target dropdown menu and entering the related URL. As an alternative, it is also possible to define a hyperlink to other sections of the same GeoStory by choosing one of the sections available in the Link target dropdown menu.


In order to setup an hyperlink to an external website, the protocol must be specified (e.g., http:// or https://).

  • Remove to remove the formatting