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Main scripts

Here a summary of the main utility scripts to run and build MapStore.

npm scripts

Command Description
npm install download dependencies and init the front-end environment
npm start start development instance (both front end and back-end)
npm run app:start start development instance (both front end and back-end)
npm run fe:start start front-end dev server
npm run be:start start backend dev server (embedded in tomcat, with cargo)
npm run fe:build build front-end
npm run be:build build backend
npm test run test suite once
npm run test:watch run continuous test suite running (useful during developing)
npm run lint run ESLint checks
npm run i18n checks missing strings in mandatory i18n files (ref to en-US)
npm run jsdoc:build build JSDoc
npm run jsdoc:test build JSDoc in a directory available running npm start (for test)
npm run jsdoc:clean clean JSDoc
npm run doc:build build MkDocs documentation
npm run doc:start start mkdocs serve to have a live preview while editing documentation
npm run generate:icons generate icons from svg files
npm run generate:changelog generate changelog for the MapStore release

Other scripts are present for backward compatibility, but they are deprecated and will be removed in the future.

bash scripts

Command Description
./ [version_identifier] [profiles] build the deployable war (in product/target)

Where version_identifier is an optional identifier of the generated war that will be shown in the settings panel of the application and profiles is an optional list of comma delimited building profiles (e.g. printing, ldap).