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In order to get started, let's take a look at the portal interface and get an idea of how to navigate around it. First of all it's necessary to specify that the user can take advantage of different tools and sections according to his authentication in MapStore. In particular, a user can access the MapStore application by:

  • Anonymous user

  • Normal user

  • Administrator user

Anonymous user

Accessing MapStore as anonymous user, the Homepage shows up as in the figure below:

The anonymous user is allowed to:

  • Access GeoSolutions website with a click on the icon

  • Navigate through the Featured and Contents sections

  • Set the application language, with the Language switcher:

  • Login (more information about Login can be found in Managing Users and Groups section)

  • Perform a search for resources, through the Search bar:

  • Open the Advanced Filters, through the button, to select one or more Contexts from the dropdown menu and find all maps created from them

  • Share a resource

  • Take a look at map Details when available

  • Open resources and navigate inside them according to their Permissions

Normal user

With a login as normal user, the Homepage displays as below:

The normal user, in addition to what the anonymous user can do, is allowed to:

  • View, edit and remove resources according to their Permissions

Administrator user

Once logged in as Administrator, the Homepage it's like the following:

The admin can see and edit everything. In particular, in addition to what normal user can do, an administrator can also:

  • Access the Manager button for Manage Accounts and Manage Contexts

  • Manage the resources by including or excluding them from Featured section

  • View, edit and remove any resource