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GeoCarousel Section

The GeoCarousel section allows another kind of immersive experience than the Immersive Section. The story editor can define a list of carousel cards to be presented with an accompanying descriptive content and a geographic location. In edit mode it is composed of three elements: the background map, the descriptive panel and the carousel panel where the editor can manage carousel items.


The background editing toolbar allows to add a map as a background of the section, with the Change media source button that opens the Media Editor as usual.


In the GeoCarousel Section the story editor, unlike the Immersive Section and the Title Section, can only add a map as a background.

Once a map is selected for the background, the editing toolbar appears in the upper left corner of the section allowing the story editor to manage the background content.

The Background editing toolbar allows the following actions:

  • Change media source allows to select the media content to use for the section, clicking on this button the Media Editor opens.

  • The Edit map configuration allows to Configure the Map

  • Change size of the section between Small, Medium, Large or Full

  • Align content on the Left, Center or Right

  • Change the background theme to set the colour of the empty background between Default (same default theme settings of the story, see Story Settings), Bright, Dark or Custom (allows to customize the color of the background).


The Align content and the Change field theme buttons are disabled if the map size is full screen.

Descriptive panel

The Descriptive panel allows to put descriptive content such as text, image, video or map for the different cards composing the GeoCarousel section. The story editor can customize it through the Content Toolbar, as it is explained in the Content section.

The carousel is composed of a list of cards to be associated with a geographic location. It is located at the bottom of the GeoCarousel section and as soon as the section is added to the story, it has by default the following empty card ready to be configured:

Once a card is selected in edit mode, the story editor can perform the following operations through the Cards editing toolbar:

  • Edit the card: clicking on this button the Edit Card panel opens to allow adding Thumbnail and Title. An example can be the following:

  • Delete the card

  • Add marker on map or modify the current marker position: clicking on this button the Map Inline Editor opens, and the story editor can click a point on map to add a new marker or change its position as follows:

In the upper left corner of the Carousel panel, a Carousel toolbar allows to:

  • Add card to the carousel

  • Remove the GeoCarousel Section


Each carousel item as well as its marker on the map is numbered to be better identified.

GeoCarousel section in View Mode

In a GeoCarousel section, in view Mode, the user can perform the following operations:

  • Select a carousel card to view related descriptive content
  • Select a marker on the map to display its carousel card name popup and view its descriptive content
  • Use the left and right arrows to browse the different geocarousel content